"Very often I see marketing money, time, and energy being wasted.'


From expensive and restrictive retainers, unanchored advertising, and social media without a story, through to businesses focusing on the wrong metrics and an over-reliance on paid strategies. It can be a painful place.

Combine all these factors in a digital marketing landscape that is evolving at speed, and you will find businesses, products, and marketing strategies that are not aligned but are actually cannibalising each another.

Over the past 20 years, I have identified familiar recurring problems that hold back growth.

Please read on if you feel your brand, product, business, or service is at a critical point in time when it requires some new direction...


No company is the same. Choose how you want us to engage.

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If you need a part time marketing director, a CMO or creative director to give your business or product a new perspective or direction.

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If you are interested in short-term marketing or communications strategy, planning, and direction.
P.S. No long-term commitment.

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Let's talk, we can work something out together.

“I thrive working directly with founders; management and marketing teams.”


Through extensive research, insights and detailed planning processes, I provide focus on the alignment between business, product, and marketing. 

When a company is able to harmonise all three, a change of direction, growth and—ultimately—an inflection point is achieved.

The outcome of our engagement could take several forms. It might be a new story with a narrative and competitive positioning.  A commercial change of direction like entry into new markets or the evolution of an existing product or launching a new one.

However, the focus is always on the growth of your business.